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she who flys with dragons [userpic]

dear rude driver

October 9th, 2011 (03:48 pm)

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current mood: scared
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dear rude driver

first off FUCK YOU, i did stop at the stop sign, i am sorry i did not see you, but did you have to track me down stop me in the middle of the streeet and start yelling at me about how dangeruos it was to "run" a stop sign. i am sorry if a scared you but saying thing like : i could have killed you" " three pedestrian havfe been hit in the last month" and " i am shaking like a leaf" and i " it's a good thing i know how to drive defenivly" just funk you i did stop telling me i did not is wrong anfd maybe you should not run people of the road and lecture them , and block traffic for the whole road. how the fuck dare you i am a ggod driver.yes i know that a stop siinig measn a dead sotp and i did that i am sorry if you were sppeding down spring and i did not see you but dont yell at me and tell me that i am speeding when you catch up to me run me off the road to block me off and get infont of me. do you know how dangours taht was jack ass yes i have lived in ridgewood all my life, yes i know this is a resadetail area and to be carefull when diriveing, but i am carefull allways not just in resadental aresa, i bet that tose people that where hit were hit by you, when you keep yelling at me that you could have killed me and gone right in to my side and that you are shaking like a leaf how do you thikn that meakes me feel you jackeass, i am sorry that you were not paying attention but maybe you need ot go to calss fpr roadrage becuse you should not run peopple off the road to yell at them tHAT pretty much just screems road rage so kildly fuck off sir and go find a better way to deal wiht your roade rage,

not sincerly yours
pissed off driver