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cooking, experiments, chocolate orange pomagranet muffins,

July 25th, 2011 (07:12 pm)
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so here is a new recipie i am in the middle of trying to work out. through this blog i am going to take you through my cooking processes and recipe design processes

chocolate orange pomagranet muffins

like any good experiment you need to get rid of variables, since i still lack faith in my own cooking skills i am going to use a boxed chocolate chocolate chip muffin mix. i will remove the chocolate chips from the muffin mix and put then aside. i will then put in one package of pomagranet seeds or arils, that i picked up at the market today, also in to the mix will be the zest and maybe the juice of one orange. ( i might replace the 3/4 of a cup of oil with oj) i then follow the direction on the box of muffin mix.

tommorw i will tell you how they turned out.

*edit* so it was to warm to turn on the oven today maybe this weekend