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she who flys with dragons [userpic]

today, daily/nightly entrey

August 23rd, 2009 (10:25 pm)

current location: United States, New Jersey, Seaside Heights
current mood: blank
current song: watching NCIS

so today i spent the day trying on pants, and my legs are totally burnt so that was totally not fun. i also spent most of the day watching NCIS marathon, i am felling strangely empty today, but that might just be because i am tired, i am really anxious to get back to school so i can stop dealing with all of this stupid shit that is going on in my life now, with stupid people and family i just want to cry or scream. i not sure. i guess i am just going to go and finish the episode on now and then go to sleep. i am a little upset that i have to go back up north tomorrow.